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We understand how important it is to get design correct as it's the foundation of a successful project. 


We take the time to look at your existing electrical infrastructure and evaluate your current capacity using actual load data.  Based on this, we can make recommendations for your project and do our best to find the right balance between budget, immediate needs and future needs.

Having completed hundreds of projects throughout North Carolina, we have experience with the unique requirements various AHJ's may have.  We take this information into account before we design and quote so there are minimal surprises once the project is green lit. A project layout with full scope of work is always provided with a proposal.

There are many types of commercial EVSE and DC fast chargers and it can be difficult to select the correct product.  We can help you navigate the options and provide recommendations based on your needs so that you're not paying for something that you don't need. 

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We are proud to offer turn-key construction services.  From the permitting to the commissioning, we provide high quality craftsmanship at hard to beat rates.

Since we started installing commercial EVSE and DC fast chargers in 2017, we have perfected the unique skills needed to provide turn-key construction with minimal subcontracting work.  This means that we can offer a high quality product at a lower price and have more control over the construction process.

We take great care in making sure our construction is as noninvasive as possible with minimal or no impact on your existing hardscape spaces. We are continually investing and researching methods to minimize expensive and invasive work while still getting your EVSE where you need them.  Our goal is to always leave a work site looking like we were never there.



As electric vehicles increase in popularity and more commercial operations are investing and depending on them, it has never been more important to keep charging infrastructure operating dependably.

We offer custom operation and maintenance programs based on your needs.  We can start with an evaluation of your existing EVSE using our specialized testing equipment and provide you with a full reports on their operational status.  This includes safety testing, verifying maximum current, control testing, and wiring verification.

During scheduled inspections, we repair common "wear and tear" issues such as cable management systems to help prevent more costly damage to your equipment. We also identify more serious issues and deal with the manufacturer to get the equipment operating as soon as possible.

Emergency repair services are available and we can keep spare parts in stock, up to a spare EVSE, so you can keep operating with minimal downtime.

Operations & Management EV Charger
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